Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Weight Is Dropping Off

The detox is going great. I thought I would have to starve myself to lose this much this fast. I stood on the scales today and saw 183lbs on the dial. WOW. That's 5lbs since St Patty's day. I know this will slow down after the detox, but what a way to kick start the healthy eating and weight loss.

I think that I am still going to start the day with a smoothie even after the detox. I feel so good going into the day. Other things I don't miss are soda, caffine and red meat. I am going to try and leave them out after the detox too. Plenty of fish and chicken instead. I already use ground turkey whenever a recipe calls for ground beef so there won't be too many major changes.

One of my biggest changes is drinking more water. whenever I feel like a snack I am pouring myself a glass of water with a slice of lemon instead.

3 more lbs until that glass of wine.

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