Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kids clothing conspiracy

I have come to the conculsion that there is someone secretly watching for when I enter kids clothing stores and hiding all the clothes in my childrens sizes before I go in. I was in Babies R Us trying to buy new shoes for my son this weekend, he's 11 months old and I wanted a size 4 or 5. Every style of shoes had sizes up to 3 and over 5. Then we looked at the NY Giants clothing and they had up to 9 months and over 18 months. Nothing in the 12 months size I needed for my son. Simliar things occur when I am shopping for clothes in a 3T for my daughter.

Next time I need shoes or clothes for my kids I might try sending a friend to buy them for me. Hoping to fool the secret spies who are trying to mess with me :)