Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's diet sabotage

OK, I indulged a bit yesterday. I joined my husband in a Guinness or two. Good news is that I didn't drink any caffine all day and I had no headaches.

I went shopping this morning and bought some of the things I need for the detox smoothies. They don't sound too appealing but it's only for a few days and I am determined to do this.

So here are the stats for today. 188lbs. :(

I want to see 17? on that scale so bad. No more alcohol for me for a while. When I get to 179lbs I'll celebrate with a class of wine.

I need to get some work done today. It's a beautiful day so when the baby sleeps I'm going out on the back deck to take some product photos.


  1. yes stay away from alcohol it wont help...

  2. Good luck on your weight loss! Cutting out the alcohol makes a huge difference, I am trying to do the same.

  3. I indulged too much yesterday and am feeling it today! I did a detox a few months ago and liked it. I felt great. I wrote about it on my food blog (where I also post lots of healthy recipes), if you are interested :).
    Good luck!

  4. That's OK. Live a little, splurge a little, then go back on track. It's all about balance.