Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I watched the show last night and couldn't believe the resistance he was getting for trying to help the country be more healthy.

I don't know how any parent could be ok with their child being served pizza for breakfast, and the milk, what elementary school age child wouldn't pick the strawberry or chocolate milk. They shouldn't be expected to make the choice at that age. What is wrong with 1%, 2% or even skimmed. Milk should be white.

I know changing the system is a huge task but you would think people would be a bit more open to it and supportive of someone who just wants them to be more healthy.

My children will be entering the school system soon and I will be sending them with a packed lunch and cooking them a healthy dinner myself. No way is my child ever having pizza for breakfast.

Let's support Jamie in trying to make some changes for the good.

Bring on the food revolution!!!!!!!!

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