Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etsy Chat Room Abuse

I am staying out of the Etsy chat rooms for a while. I am going to host a team chat tonight but that has a password on the room so the person who was being nasty today will be kept out. I can't believe what happened. I changed the title on the fs room a couple of times to some silly things like "That's what she said" and for the next 2 hours someone was changing the title telling people not to buy from me and other horrible things.

Why do people do it. They are so brave that they wouldn't even make the comments in the chat. They just did it anonimously by changing the room title.

I'm still going to be active in the Etsy community, just in the forums not the chat rooms.


  1. Why can't folks just be nice? That is so childish. Also it bothers me because most folks you meet there are very nice people who like art and crafts so you got a bunch of like minded folks.

  2. I am so sorry. Maybe they are jealous:) Have fun I never go in that chat room cause people totally ignore me.

  3. I was in the FS room last night and there was one person that I was not liking at all too. Maybe it was the same person.