Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Todays thoughts and Ideas

When I get to 100 followers for this blog I am going to have a giveaway. I've seen other blogs doing giveaways in order to get followers but I am going to look at mine more as a celebration of 100 followers. I don't want people following just to get free stuff, my hope is that people follow because they like what they see here. So as of right now this blog needs 48 more followers before the giveaway.

I really want to figure out a way to make something for my shop with a ancient Greek or Roman theme. I have always been fascinated by the gods and goddesses so I am thinking a series of Aceo cards each featuring a different god or goddess.

I am going to have to give it some more thought but maybe I could put together a Venus/Aphrodite item before valentines.

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