Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last nights TV - 4/7/09

Shows watched

American Idol
The Mentalist
House (DVR 4/6/09)

I'm so glad I was home last night and not relying on the DVR for Idol. I would have missed another great performance from Adam. I don't see how he isn't going to win this season. I think the bottom three this week should be Matt, Anoop and Scott. Hard to say who will go home, my choice would be Scott, it's wasn't a good song.

An average episode of the Mentalist, a bit too predictable for me though, the has been actress did it to save her dying career, so obvious.

90210, Looking forward to seeing what Tori Spelling can bring to this show, the Silver drama was all a bit boring. Adrianna is the most interesting character right now.

House, OMG!! Kutner gone. I have read a lot of disbelief about him being the one and how people would have liked to have seen the other characters killed off, I don't think they get it but that's why they would choose Kutner, it's much more dramatic to kill off a beloved character, it reminds me of when Dr. Beckett was killed off on Stargate Atlantis. It generates more conversations and more publicity for the show when people are so shocked. It was great tv.

I still have to watch Medium, Heroes, The Real Housewives of NY and Dollhouse. They are waiting on the DVR.

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